Harlequin Super Romance
June 2014

All for a Cowboy

A bigger challenge than she expected!
Shae McArthur once had it all. Perfect job, perfect fiancé. And when she lost everything, it was her own fault. Now she's starting from scratch with one last project—turning the Bryan Ranch around. If she succeeds, maybe she can pick up the pieces of her former life.
The only problem is the ranch's stubborn—and captivating—owner, Jordan Bryan. He's fighting Shae on every change. What gives? True, his scars prove Shae's not the only one starting over. Still, shouldn't he, of all people, be able to see beyond the surface? Because she thinks maybe they could be each other's perfect new beginning….

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Once a Champion (4.5) by Jeannie Watt: Shae McArthur has convinced her old boss to let her look at a property he owns and come up with a plan to develop it as a resort. But when Shae gets there, she finds Jordan Bryan, a man she once propositioned and who turned her down. Jordan’s recovering from an IED explosion in Afghanistan. Shae soon realizes that Jordan is a good guy and works to develop the property without disturbing him. In the process, she learns to be a better person, and that makes all the difference to Jordan. All For a Cowboy is a delightful story about finding unexpected love. Shae, who’s a bit selfish and immature, learns to consider other people’s needs and Jordan learns to live again.
Reviewed By: Alexandra Kay   RT Book Review


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